Sunday, October 28, 2012

Striking while the iron is hot

This weekend, we headed up the coast to see friends.  This was a tad fool-hardy, with the snowicane coming and all.  But, they had tickets to a football game, and had fired up the smoker.

We decided to spend the game curled up on the couch and drinking beer rather than brave the storm.  It was even better than watching a total butt-kicking in a cold rain.  And, beer! Smoked Meat!

For dinner, our friend made something designed to highlight some pecorino they'd brought back from a recent trip to Italy.  Sauteed polenta topped with mushrooms that had been cooked with garlic and butter, the whole thing topped with shaved pecorino.  And, a spinach salad on the side.

Phenom ate like a man just released from prison.

Thing is, Phenom professes dislike for polenta at home.

So, today, I bought a tube of polenta and will be serving it up with mushroom ragout.  AND HE WILL EAT IT.  Because living with a picky eater requires manipulation and mistruths.

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