Monday, August 06, 2012


You know how you can run down the town you live in?  How you can decide that pretty much any where but here is better?  One of the reasons I love NOLA so much is that, despite its size, you can see and feel the sense of community there.  Thanks to facebook, I can see it several times a day.

Last month, a police officer in my community was shot and killed while trying to serve an outstanding warrent on a criminal.  He was off duty that day, but when he saw the person he knew they'd been looking for, he called other officers to come.  He sent his pregnant, days away from her due date, wife into the store where they were parked to put distance between the criminal and her.  As they approached the criminal, the criminal pulled a gun and shot the off duty, but well known police officer. 

I didn't know this officer, but I understand he was active in working with youth and helping them stay out of trouble.  His wife gave birth the day after the officer was buried.

And, I couldn't be prouder of my town with the way they have rallied to support both this officer's family and law enforcement as a whole.  Officers with other departments volunteered to be on duty so that members of this officer's department could attend the memorial.  Flags are still flying low as a reminder of what we've lost.  But, best of all, driving through town, I'm so pleased to see so many businesses doing fundraisers for his family.  Even the popular chicken sandwich restaurants are getting in on it.  So, although I avoided all chicken restaurants last week, this week, I'll be getting potato wedges or a bucket parfait to support our community.

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