Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Worst Case

One of the games I liked to play with one of my little playmates in school was taking a fairly simple situation and building on it and building on it until we'd arrived at the most horrifyingly worst possible case scenario.  Of course, I thought this was screamingly funny but my playmate who was now convinced he was going to flunk out of school and end up a bum on the streets while blind and only an old cat food can for collecting change found it less amusing.

Hold that thought, and then add into it the best advice you could muster for another human along with a healthy dose of begging and pleading only to be totally ignored and even defiantly dissed in the process.

That's where we are right now.  And, I'm totally helpless in the situation.  My perfectly good advice has been totally ignored.  My begging and pleading has been totally ignored and we have arrived at the worst possible outcome.  And, all the cat food cans were carried off by the city recycling truck yesterday.


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