Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday cookin'

After the rocky start of discovering that the batteries in both my iPods were dead as I walked into the worst place on earth, Walmart; I seem to have made a comeback on the day.

For Valentine's Day, I gave the Phenom a beer-of-the-month club.  Sadly, there have been quite a few stouts in the last few shipments.  Stout is the one beer type Phenom really doesn't like.  So, today, I made a stout cake.  I used one of the coffee stouts and added a bit of espresso.  I'll top the cake with chocolate ganache.  The recipe made three nice layers.  I think I'll use two layers to make a cake for the office and keep the third layer for home.  BEER CAKE!

Next, I peeled up a whole basket of tomatoes and will soon make a nice pot of marinara sauce.  And, I have fun shapes of pasta.

I think I'll pour myself some of the watermelon margaritas leftover from yesterday.  Yes, a nice Sunday afternoon at home.

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