Saturday, June 02, 2012


There are few things I love more than sleep.  To be snuggled down in the covers. . . the world blocked out . . . letting my mind go where ever it wants to be . . . to have no obligations.  Sleeping in on Saturday mornings is one of my real luxuries.  And, naps.  Who doesn't love a nap?

This morning, a laundry list of obligations got my arse out of bed at a ripe hour.  (Truth be told, I had to actually push back the time on my alarm.  Felt like I was committing some sort of sin.)

The first errand of the day being derailed, I found myself with time on my hands.  So, I popped in some fun music, rolled down the windows and headed to the farmer's market.  Our tailgate farmer's market is really just now getting into the summer time swing, so it was nice to see so many of my old friends out, selling fresh tasties.  I got a couple pounds of new potatoes, a pound of tiny red onions, a couple pounds of squash, a couple pounds of cucumbers, and 1/2 a dozen ears of corn . . . for less than $20.

Already, I have the potatoes peeled and boiling for veggie saute.  I feel so accomplished and grown up.  I kinda like having the long stretch of the day ahead of me.  And, I'll totally get to take a guilt free nap.

So, which do I like more?  The Saturday morning sleep in, or the busy, accomplished, social Saturday?

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