Thursday, May 31, 2012

I want it to get better. . .

More times than I can recall, the Old Woman would make some experimental dish, usually a dessert item, and wouldn't be entirely convinced it was good.  She would proceed to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening tasting it, repeatedly, until she decided if it were "good" or not.  If judged "not" she would throw it away, despite protests from everyone else in the household.

There is a new show on HBO called "Girls."  It has been compared to Sex and the City.  I believe the comparison comes from the fact that both shows are about 4 women who are sort of, kinda friends.  And, in both shows each of the characters are so poorly developed or one dimensional that they need all four to create one, well rounded, character.  In Girls, there is almost no character development of one girl, other than the fact she is a virgin.  As if, by being unfuckable, she isn't worthy of screen time.

Thing is, I keep watching the show.  I find it pretty horrifying.  On one hand, the characters are terrible and they suffer indignities at the hands of men that make me oh so very glad I'm not that age any more.  And, on the other, it's written by a 25 year old woman and some freakish feminist need to support the younger generation of creative women keeps me watching.  Oh, and the main character/writer is so immature, I kinda want her to end up living in her childhood bedroom in middle America and working at the local florist shop and stop pretending she is the voice of her generation that will never actually publish anything of value.  

I need to stop watching it.  Really.

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