Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SMLF . . . CHARGE!!!

I made lunch for the Spider Monkey Lunch Forum today.  Because, I'm cool like that.  And, because I had an abundance of cherry tomatoes from my garden I needed to use before I take off for the vacay of a lifetime.

Summer time means lots and lots and lots of Chopped Greek Salad.  And, it couldn't be easier.  This giant bowl has quartered cherry tomatoes, two long (farmer's market) cucumbers that I peeled and chopped, a couple small (also farmer's market) purple onions I chopped, and two yellow bell peppers also chopped.  I also like to add a handful of chopped italian parsley if I have it available.  Often, I make a dressing of salt/pepper/finely chopped or grated garlic, fresh lemon juice and olive oil.  But, I'm being lazy today and bought greek dressing in a bottle. 

At lunch, I'll add in greek olives, feta, chick peas, and I bought some spinach in case anyone wants leafy greens with their salad.  I also have regular and roasted red pepper hummus and pita bread.

I'm pretty sure, I could invade the next county over, once my troops are well fed.

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