Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, after a hot spring and delightful early summer, the heat and humidity have finally arrived.  Last year's kiddie pool wasn't water tight this year, so we had to invest in a new one.  But, I think I've finally convinced Phenom that one of those above ground deals might be worth having a smallish patch of dead grass.  Perhaps next year.

My kidneys decided to do mean, terrible, horrible things to me this year . . . resulting in some rather nasty medical procedures and a variety of medications to beat them back into submission.  I now find myself in a constant state of monitoring them and catering to their unreasonable whims.  I have a prescribed minimum daily liquid intake now.  And, I try to avoid soda.  Water gets boring, ya know?

So, my student worker suggested something last week.  Frankly, she's a genius.

Chop up a small cucumber, pick several sprigs of mint from the garden, and toss it into a two quart container (with a good lid) with several ice cubes.  Shake vigorously.  Bruise the crap out of the cuke and mint.  Then, fill with water and stash in the fridge for several hours.  The resulting cucumber/mint water is light and refreshing and tastes better than plan water without any of the icky chemicals of flavor packets.  GENIUS!

Perhaps I'll try mint and lemon next.

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