Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impulse buy, but not really.

There is a little drug store in our town that always seems to have that hard to find item.  They are part of a chain, but not one of the really big chains that dominates opposite corners from each other.  They always have exactly the brand of conditioner I like to use.  They have the form of hangover relief the Phenom prefers.

And, at the cash register, they always have a box of Mint Dreams.  And, I always buy a couple.

When I was a young monkey, when the Old Woman would take me shopping, at some point in the afternoon, she would buy one of these delights and we'd sit down for a few minutes and share it.  (They use to be bigger.)

I never pass up the opportunity to buy them now, even if I do end up eating the whole thing alone now.

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