Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Allergy prevention, right.

I've been all itchy for the foods of spring and summer.  I have snipped back my basil already . . . my mint . . . I need to snip the oregano so I can start drying it.  The cilantro is ready for some salsa.  I have tiny little tomatoes on my plants . . . and this time next week, I'll be picking snow and snap peas on the regular.

But, our tailgate farmer's market hasn't opened for the season yet.  This morning, I rerouted my normal drive to the office just to see if anyone was doing business.  And, there was one lone old guy.  He had some plants and some pecans and jars of his home produced honey.  I bought a large jar.  As I walked back to my car, I thought "Huh, I'm too cheap to buy a new thermometer which would cost all of $2, but I'll happily pay $6 for honey to support my local farmers." 

I guess I know my priorities.  And, I should suck it up and get a new thermometer.

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