Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!

I'm feeling crotchety and feisty today.  So, a couple of rants.

One, when did we lose political savvy? You know how we're still getting scandalous details about JFK's bad behavior?  And, we all take it in with a dose of "yeah, we suspected he was a dog" with a helping of "nuh uh" ?   I kinda miss those days.  Days when politicians seemed to understand that the appearance of being a person of character was an important thing.  Those days when you had unsavory conversations about your motivations for drafting hateful legislation with your wife over the dinner table, ya'll knew that it would be imprudent to discuss those motivations or conversations with reporters.  When wanna be prezzies didn't bone some groupie 45 minutes after meeting her and then hire her for some made up job just to keep her on the campaign trail with you . . .. and you surely never never never made a video documenting your sexual encounters . . . because back then, you knew that eventually, the video would be found and made public.

Two, when did we become a society so undiscerning that we accept some one's two day old twitter apology?  I'm sorry .  . . if you publicly call some college kid a slut and demand videos of her sexual encounters, if there be any, in a national forum, and then spend two days riding the attention wagon you got from your rant .  .  . a twitter apology or posting some shit on your facebook page isn't actually an apology.  It's a plea for more attention and lame attempt to keep the story alive. 

Now, I have some bushes to hide in and a garden hose to point.

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