Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Super Pro

Today I witnessed someone being more than a professional.  It was a thing of beauty.

I stopped of at a grocery store to pick up more eggs and cream to make a second attempt on creme brulee for ESK's birthday.  (Yesterday's attempt didn't turn into custard.)  As I was in the only open check out lane, I noticed that the guy two people ahead of me was being very chatty with both the girl working the register and the guy in front of me.  It all seemed very small town pleasant.

As he stepped away from the line, I noticed him step over to a display near the door.  But, it really looked like he was just getting change stashed in his pockets and arranging his bag for a walk to where ever.  Then, he stepped back to the register and said loudly "you short changed me. . . I gave you a ten and you only gave me a dollar and change back."  The check out girl apologized and looked at her register.  It was high tech enough that opening the draw wasn't something she could just do.  Then, she looked back at the man and said, "if I can see your receipt, I can punch in the transaction number and open my drawer."  He handed her the bag and said it was in there.  It wasn't.  She helpfully suggested that maybe he put it in his pocket?  And he fumbled around, you could see a fair amount of movement as he was pulling the paper out of his pocket . . . and there, tightly rolled up inside the receipt was a $5 bill.  She smiled sweetly and said "oh, there it is" and he acted shifty and tried to explain he didn't know how it got into his pocket and away from the rest of his change, sure he'd been busted.  And the girl just said "I'm sure it was a mistake.  I could have made the mistake, too.  I'm just glad you got your change." and the guy left.

As she turned to my purchases, she looked at me and rolled her eyes.

What a pro.

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