Sunday, April 22, 2012


Because I'm easily distracted, and I had the annual budget due, I worked from home Friday.  I know this sounds like a scam, much like earning a college degree "online."  But, I surprised myself with my good behavior.  I was up and had the computer on by 8am, and was down to serious work very quickly.  To further the illusion of a normal work day, I even met the SMLF for lunch.  On the way back from lunch, I decided to pop into a store and pick up some limes and club soda for Friday evening mojitos.  The store had good avocados on sale, so I picked up a couple extra items for some guacamole.

Phenom was greeted at the door with a bowl of chips and quac and a fresh mojito, featuring mint from my garden.

Because I had a couple extra jalapenos, I decided that I'd mix up some pizza dough.  Tonight, I made pizzas.  Phenom had his new favorite is pepperoni and jalapeno.  I had tomato, motz, and basil . . . BECAUSE I COULD PICK BASIL FROM MY GARDEN!!!!  (It makes me incredibly happy to have fresh basil in the garden.)  The trick to this pizza is that I have fresh basil between light layers of grated cheese, and then when the pizza came out of the oven, I sprinkled some fresh basil on top.

I also tried a new experiment, iced coffee.  I mixed nearly a gallon of water with 5 oz ground espresso and let it steep on the counter about 9-10 hours.  Then, I strained it.  I mixed a test glass with a spoonful of sweetened, condensed milk and the cold brew.  It's pretty darn tasty.  I'm thinking a slug of Kahlua and it will make a delightful ice pop.

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