Friday, April 20, 2012

I blame Merle Norman

In the office the other day, we had a conversation inspired by a letter to some 3rd tier advice columnist.  The writer was concerned that her young daughter was feeling peer pressure to wear make-up.  And, young meaning 6-8 years old. 

We talked about how old we were when we started getting our own make-up collections.  I remember being given a "shrimp pink" avon lipstick by a kindly woman . . . as if giant pink monkey lips would help me blend in with you humans better (well, it was before the days of Melanie Griffiths).

Then, a couple years after the Old Folks took me into their home, I was taken to Merle Norman for a "make over" by the Old Woman.  This old lady with caked on make-up, powder, and 14 shades of blue eye shadow piled the make up on me.  I remember asking the Old Woman to take me home immediately so I could wash my face.  Which, looking back, is probably exactly what the Old Woman was shooting for.

I loved mascara and lipstick when I was younger.  Even today, I am never far from a lip gloss. 

When I graduated from college, I owned several mascaras, a couple eye shadows, and several lipsticks and a powder. 

Today, I have two bags full of liquid latex, fake blood, white and green and flesh colored stage make-up, all left over from the last zombie apocalypse dry run.

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