Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Vacation

Our best friends are fond of saying, as we gather around the holiday table with them, that they love having ALL of their family with them.  And, yes, the wine and this statement, gives me the warm fuzzies.  After all, family is more than who you were born to . . . it's who you love.

So, this summer, we are attempting a family vacation.  Phenom and Me, and our favorite 10 year old and her parents.  Of course, we're going to NOLA.  Largely, because the 10 year old has been begging us to take her when we go.  (And, we need her to start learning her way around so she can push that double wheel chair from bar to bar once we're too old to walk ourselves.)

When we first conceived of this plan, we had this nice list of places we wanted to see.  We also had passing concern that we would need to keep the young one occupied during what had usually been prime drinking hours.  We're planning on seeing flying, swimming, and wandering type animals . . . we have a list of restaurants we plan to visit. . . we will embrace the tourist activities we've always ignored in the past . . . we will ride the street car up and down . . . and I suspect we will run out of steam and time before activities.  And, everywhere you go has go cups, so there are still hurricanes on the menu.

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