Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pot Roast

I'm well aware of my obsession with cooking/food.  And, I know my reputation.  However, secretly, I suspect that I'm a little bit of a fraud.  Sure, I can make a beef wellington or chocolate mousse.  I can do the fancy, complicated things.  But, I fail at some of the simpler things . . . like roast chicken or pot roast.

I tell myself that there really isn't any reason to roast chickens.  I live in culinary hell and the only roasting hens available are frozen rocks and you can get a perfectly good roasted chicken from the store for around $5-6 dollars.

I tried to make a pot roast once.  But, it failed.  I got a crock pot expressly for pot roast, and it didn't live up to my expectations either.  So, I gave up for years.  Plus, we aren't big meat eaters, it wasn't like we missed it.

But, today, I'm trying again.  I have high hopes for success.  I've read about the process.  I've reviewed several recipes.  And, hopefully we will have more pot roast than I know what to do with in a few short hours.

I'm using this recipe, more or less.  I added a container of sliced brown mushrooms.  And, I only had fresh rosemary but not fresh thyme.  Phenom thought it looked like a good piece of meat when I took it out of the pot after browning it.

I'm really hoping to have a debris po' boy later this week.  (Debris is shreds of pot roast in the cooking juices piled high on sandwiches in NOLA.)

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