Saturday, January 14, 2012


I guess I should wander over to Urban Dictionary to make sure I'm using the term "bogart" correctly.  Hang on.

Yes I am.  The Phenom bogarts our favorite chips.

When we travel to NOLA, we always bring back a carry on bag filled with Hubig Pies and Zapp's Potato Chips.  Yesterday, Phenom opened the last bag of Zapp's and offered me a chip.  I took one because I was full from dinner.  Just now, I walked into the living room and found Phenom licking the last of the crumbs from the bag.

Our favorite flavor is Voodoo Gumbo.  But I also like the Creole Tomato and Phenom likes the Jalapeno.  Perhaps I should order some for valentine's day.  What says love more than garlicky chips?

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