Monday, January 16, 2012

I yelled at the wrong person

Tomorrow, I go in for some "tests."  Read, the hospital is gonna make another payment on the machine that goes ping.

I'm not a good patient.  I intensely dislike the way medicine is practiced in this country.  I dislike that there are still vestiges of the misogyny the AMA sanctioned 100 years ago in preventing women from entering medical schools.  Seven minutes is not sufficient time for trust to be established for a relationship that is beneficial.  And, what's with all the getting naked?  You humans are a kinky bunch.

I also resent that insurance companies have created a dynamic in which doctors are more responsible to them than to patients.  At no time, during the endless chatter over health care reform, did anyone suggest that perhaps too much damned profit is being made from disease, injury, and death.

And, I really don't like being touched or looked at real hard.  (I know, my own issue.  But, you're not gonna put me back in that cage!)

The doctor's office was suppose to make arrangements for these tests.  I ended up having to chase down an appointment myself.  Then, today, the billing department for the hospital called to "pre-register" me.  Meaning, shake me down for $800.  Seriously.  They told me what my out of pocket costs would be and demanded to know exactly how much I would be paying prior to my appointment.  I think mob hits have been more polite.

While I was still ranting to the Phenom about the gall, the indignity, the sheer greed . . . the hospital called again.  And, I was very rude to the caller.  When she mispronounced my fairly common, old fashioned, not-at-all-exotic-or strangely-spelled name, I questioned her primary education.  And, the poor dear, she was from a totally different department just calling to confirm my appointment.

I feel a little bad for yelling at her.  But, I'm still pissed off that the billing folks are acting like I owe them some gambling debt.

Tomorrow should be even more fun.  Especially since Phenom refuses to promise to kick in the shins anyone who is mean to me.  However, I did use my tantrum to justify buying myself a new electronic toy.

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