Saturday, January 07, 2012

Nothing like making up a project

Thanks to another bout with the flu this winter, I am staying home today instead of taking off on a three pronged road trip I had planned.  I'm actually feeling better, but in the name of relapse prevention and not wanting to expose some very nice old people who were going to be part of the trip, I'm grounded.

I'm doing laundry.  And, playing word games online.  And, watching tv.  But, before settling into a boring afternoon, I popped into the newish Asian grocery that opened in culinary hell.  They have more stock than that first visit, when they first opened.  They have the lychee jellies that I love.  They have more produce.

So, today I got spring roll wrappers, a big bag of rice noodles, and a huge hand of really fresh ginger.  So, after I finish being trounced in word games, I'm going on a search for a spring roll recipe.  This unseasonable warm spell has me thinking of lighter foods.

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