Monday, January 09, 2012

It's a small town thing, right?

We're not "from 'round here."  You can tell by our speech.  You can tell by the way we stare at you like you have three heads when you explain stuff that everyone from 'round here knows.  I'm pretty sure we had one of those weekends.

After spending the whole week looking like the walking dead, giving up on a road trip, and passing on a ballgame excursion, I resigned myself to a quiet weekend at home.  But, Friday night, while out playing with the dog, we started to suspect a wee kitten was up in the engine of Phenom's "fun car."  Chester kept nosing around the car and trying to wedge himself under.  Finally, we popped the hood to take a look.  It was no kitten.  We have a disagreement as to what exactly it was . . . I say fox, Phenom says coyote.  It had fur longer and more coarse than our dog's and it was big.  After speaking to the most knowledgeable human we could think of on these matters, we were told to leave it be and hope it wandered off on it's own.  If not, the words "wildlife agent" and "mechanic" were brought into the conversation.

Saturday, Chester seemed disinterested in the car.  We hoped that meant our futzing about had chased the foxy little thing away.  Sunday, we popped the hood again, and no fox.  But, now we have this cloud hanging over us every time we want to go for a spin in the fun car . . . should we check under the hood?

Then, after spending a quiet Saturday on my own, I decided that I would tempt my stomach back into solid food by visiting a new BBQ joint that has recently opened.  Phenom and I walked in the place just after 8pm only to find they had closed up at 7:30 and were just waiting for the last diners to beat it.  WHAT KIND OF PLACE CLOSES AT 7:30 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT????? REALLY????

Then, Sunday I spent just enough time in mega-mart to come to the end of my patience but not cross the line.  (Lady in front of me tried to buy $250 worth of items with a $70 gift card, 'nuff said.)

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