Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A moment of your time

I suspect I'm probably on the low end of the spectrum for understanding those computer thingies.  I'm not really a gamer and pretty much I expect that the computer is going to behave in an expected manner every single time I turn it on.   At the same time, I have a touch more knowledge than the human I live with . . . and I'm pretty sure I'd be rated "computer genius" by the average nursing home cohort.

I have enough geek in me to be able to joke with the computer types.  I openly profess that the problem is an Id 10 t problem or exists between the chair and the keyboard.  I love to joke that I just love the "cup holder" my lap top came with.

And, my self assessment of my own computer savvy is greatly enhanced by this web site.  I love Clients from Hell.  I like how, in old fashioned mid-morning talk show fashion, it makes me feel smug about my own smarts.  And, isn't that what we all need in the midst of the day-to-day?  Little moments of unabashed smugness?

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