Sunday, December 18, 2011

Now, I get it

Remember the Eat More Kale dude? How the evil, and somewhat illiterate, corporate empire is trying to shut down his little business? Even though there isn't even a franchise of the evil empire in his home state and the nearest one is 120 miles away?

I finally understand why Chick-fil-a needs to shut him down now.

Tonight, I'm making beans and greens for dinner (with a parm/crouton crust). As I was pulling the kale off their stalks, I realized . . . kale stalks . . . chicken bones. . . more or less exactly the same. . . only not.

To further my understanding, as I was putting the kale into the pot, handful by handful, I found that the curly leaves were a tad unruly and didn't really seem to want to go into the hot, bubbling pot. . . as I assume a chicken would react if being dumped into a pot.

It's so clear now. And, the good news for the evil empire is that I now have more compassion for the poor, helpless, no-doubt-grown-indoors-and-in-inhumane-conditions kale.

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