Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hodge Podge

Years ago, in a tiny apartment the Phenom and I shared, we had a refrigerator that had a smooth surface. I liked using dry erase markers on it for notes and/or art works.

Now that we're "grown up" we have a big fridge with a textured surface. Instead of using it for notes and drawings, we have a hodge podge of magnets and various bits of our lives. I have addresses from friends who have moved away. I have invites to parties. We stick up post cards from other people's travels. I have recipes. I have a baggie full of box tops and soda can tops for a friend's child. But, most valuable are the pictures of my friends' children.

This time of year causes my fridge to overflow. Tucked into christmas cards, I get school pictures, family vacation photos, pictures of children with santa, and occasionally pictures of beloved pets.

Not only is it a year book of sorts, but also a reminder of the extensive community to which I belong.

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