Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The other day, someone quipped that we were celebrating Festivus.  So, in the spirit of festivus, I am going to air a few grievances.

  1. Spitting.  I have a weak constitution for vomit and spitting is just smaller vomit, in my mind.
  2. People who are late to their own events.  If you think your event/meeting/party/appointment is so important as to infringe on my time, don't you think you ought to let it infringe on yours too?
  3.  People who walk in the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk available.
  4. People who air their dirty laundry on social media.  Your date stood you up?  That's why we have texting.  Your mate been steppin' out on you?  See a lawyer . . . don't change your relationship status to "it's complicated."  Someone talking trash about your child?  Call their parents.
  5. Companies with piss poor customer service.  I'm talking about you bellsouth.  Don't make me key in my phone number, mash 15 buttons working through your phone tree, waste 15 minutes of my time, when you could start off with a recording that there is an internet outage in my area.  Don't make me repeat the same information to your service peoples that you made me key in during your phone tree.  I think you'll find that the relationship between me and your employees will be so much improved it you don't start off by wasting my time or annoying me before I even get to a live person.
  6. Store clerks who seem to think that I want their commentary on the products I'm buying.  I don't care if you don't know what tofu is, you're not buying it.  I don't really care if you like walnuts more than pecans.
Okay . . .that should do me for the year.  Now, who wants to fight me for the feats of strength?

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