Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sweet Story

Remember this one? It has now been named "Mickey Mittens" and is the full time buddy of a nice widow. One of the reasons Mickey Mitten's new family is smitten with him is because of the perfect little M on his forehead.

Today, his new buddy took him for his second round of kitten shots. The vet told her this story. She says that a tabby cat crawled into the manger with the baby Jesus to keep him warm. At this act of selflessness, Mary touched the cat on the forehead to bless it, and now only perfect tabby cats have the M marking.

Mickey Mitten's new buddy is the daughter of a minister and she lives in a parsonage. This story was absolutely the icing on the cake for an already close bond.

While Mickey Mittens was in our house, he took a liking to a beanie baby cow. I sent it along with him when he went to his home. I'm told he now "skateboards" on the cow . . . running and sliding across the floor on the cow. He also snuggles it when he sleeps. He has recently figured out how to climb up on his Buddy's bed and is so pleased with his trick, that he'll jump around until he falls off the bed.

He has also doubled in size from 1 pound to 2 pounds in 3 weeks, but still isn't quite as big as his cow. I suspect that Phenom was right when observing that I gave away a perfect cat. But, Mickey Mittens gets to be totally spoiled and the center of attention where he is now.

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