Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be Generous

It is the holiday time again. Along with planning parties, family events, huge meals, and the whatnot, how about including an act of generosity, too?

I know there are lots of folks with their hands out, and it's really easy to get pulled into stories about bad charities or people who hop from charity to charity. (Thank you facebook for making everyone just a bit more cynical about charities . . . and most folks looking for food boxes at the holidays aren't driving to the food bank in a 50K car.)

But, you can find a variety of ways to help out . . . and you can tailor your generosity to an issue near and dear to your heart. Did you have a grandmother who spent her final days at home with hospice care? What about adopting another hospice family and providing a homemade meal for them while they face the end of a loved one's life? Were you a kid who learned respect on the basketball court of your local Y? How about donating new basketballs, footballs, baseballs, and what-have-you to your local youth shelter? Look around your community, I promise there are many different ways to contribute without just giving a check.

This week, our company is encouraging our employees to support a local group of kids' holiday meal. These kids all come from a school that is like 110% free lunches. The local college is preparing a holiday meal to serve to the kids. They have asked for donations of food. I'm making a couple chocolate cakes. ESK is making a crazy amount of mashed potatoes. I have also pulled some homemade stock out of the freezer and will make gravy for ESK's potatoes.

Now, go be generous in your own special way!

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