Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Food for Cats

(and dogs.)

I think I've more than earned my cred as a friend to the four-legged kind. I've taken in well more than my share. I've farmed out to vetted homes even more. (special note to Mickey Mittens: stop biting sleeping faces)

I've got a friend who breeds a special type of cat. She is a believer in raw meat diets for her cats. She buys a supplement that she mixes into the raw meat.

I have another friend who has the most pampered pooch ever. She buys the super expensive, pet store variety dog food for the pooch.

I probably fail in a big, big way when it comes to feeding our critters. I buy them grocery store dry food (a name brand) and grocery store variety canned food (also a name brand). And, I buy them the bagged treats that are probably the kitty equivalent to throwing malt balls out for them.

I'm not much better with the dog. Actually, I could be worse. There was a time when I cooked meals for the dog and froze them and heated them individually. But, he's a fickle dog. He eats dry cat food because he doesn't like any variety of dry dog food. (Yes, I asked my vet . . . I'm not a monster.) But, when he got fickle about chicken thighs, I decided to give up.

I do buy grocery store canned food for him right now. But, on any given night, he's just as likely to get an egg/cheese biscuit or meat leftovers from our food. I won't give him spicy food or food with booze in it. But, he's spoiled enough that getting actual dog food is a novelty and he eats it for that reason alone.

I'm probably all other pet parents' nightmare . . . just like the parent who has sleep overs for human children and lets them eat junk food and bounce on the beds all night long. And, this could be why so many freeloaders find their way to my door.

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