Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Whole Life

It was a Thursday evening. I'd taken the day off from work and purchased a new outfit and gotten the oil changed in my car. We'd driven down the night before, to make arrangements.

As we got into the car, a little more dressed up than usual, a neighbor waved. No doubt they thought we were headed to a party or dinner out.

When we pulled up, there were a few other cars in the lot. We stayed in the car for a while, working up the courage to go in. We watched another couple make their way to the door. The man seemed reluctant and the woman impatient. We cracked terrible jokes and provided commentary. Later, we learned he had a broken leg. More bad jokes.

We finally went in. Took seats and waited for our names to be called. I don't remember much after that. I remember Phenom had a really serious look on his face. I remember the clerk praying and thinking "oh please don't."

Later, we had dinner at the local Cracker Barrel. There wasn't much else in town. Then, we watched game 6 of the world series. I think it was game 6. I pretty much just sat in the rocking chair and was quiet.

Since then, we've been telling folks that we're married. I trust Phenom when he says it's true. However, I don't believe I promised to "obey" . . . I'm pretty sure I would have snapped out of it if that word had come up.

It's just been 19 years. But, somehow, it feels like it has been my whole life.

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