Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Suck Up Meal

This book has been a topic of conversation around the office this week. I've always been fascinated by propaganda campaigns. I find it especially interesting that propaganda was used to convince women to ditch their children in nurseries and go to work during WWII, and then nearly the same propaganda was used to convince women that they should leave the work place and embrace motherhood again after the war. Just a few years later, women were targted for advertising campaigns that acknowledged women's place in the home but also that they might consider homemaking drudgery too.

Of course, one of the important functions of "modern" womanhood was being the perfect hostess when called upon to host the husband's boss for dinner.

Tomorrow, I'm doing a more modern version of such domesticity. I'm hosting my own boss for a luncheon. Not so much my boss, as the regional vp. And, I've invited folks from other offices in the region to join us (and to show them up with my mad skills).

We're having asian inspired food tomorrow. I'm making a Ginger Lemonade sweetened with local honey. I'm making a spicy broccoli salad. And, I'm making a version of this salad. Of course, I can't get soba noodles here, so I'll use pasta. And, I'm not going to make threads of egg crepe . . . I'll just have a few hard boiled eggs. I'm also making it fancy with boiled shrimp, and steamed asparagus. I also have a yellow bell pepper, cucumber, radishes, and cherry tomatoes. It should be pretty, and light, and tasty.

ESK will be making a pineapple upsidedown cake for the grand finale.

How could anyone compete with us?

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