Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bad Monkey

Phenom is well aware of my monkey-ness. But, like many humans, labors under the notion that animal behavior can be tamed. Over the years, the Phenom has "threatened" me with fictitious bogeymen to try to purchase "good" behavior.

There was "Raw Head and Bloody Bones" from Phenom's own childhood. There have been threats of "santa is watching" and "the birthday bunny won't be happy."

Lately, the threat has been the assigning of "demerits" for Phenom defined bad behavior. When pressed, there doesn't seem to be any real plan for what sorts of sanctions are tied to the demerits. However, I did learn, tonight, that putting a little green nail polish on your finger, and then dabbing it on the Phenom's toenails on the fly will earn you a "double demerit."

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