Thursday, September 08, 2011


I live in culinary hell. I have to spend two days cooking something the rest of the country can buy off a truck for a dollar. Every new recipe I consider, I have to double think if I can get the ingredients I need at the local grocery. I have to resist the urge to brain the little check-out kids when they hold up an item I'm purchasing and say "eeww, you eat this stuff?"

But, this week I've been trying to contain my excitement. The other day, I happened to notice a new sign in a strip of shops that doesn't have much interesting in it (a sweepstakes poker and dominos is about it). . . an Asian market!

I drove through the parking lot, and indeed, they are stocking the shelves of a small market. The sign says they will open soon. I hope they have those little lychee jellies. I just love those. And, fun noodles. mmmmmm Asian market.

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