Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two birds, one liquor bottle

Well, actually more than one liquor bottle.

I once had a regional VP tell my immediate supervisor that I was "anal" and she meant it in the best possible way. As in uptight about the details. And, I'm a planner. I like thinking ahead and having a sense of what is going to happen and my role in it.

So, 6 weeks ago, when I was down to my last shot (for my arthritis), I called my doctor and asked her to issue a fresh prescription to my local pharmacy because my company had recently changed insurance companies. She sent the prescription on, and given the new insurance, the pharmacist had to get approval from the insurance company first. Which I knew and is why I moved on it two weeks before I would actually need the shot. Two weeks should have been plenty of time, right?

Well, it's now 6 weeks later, three free shots from my doctor, multiple trips to the "big city", several faxes, many phone calls, quite a few profane words, and a royal run around later, and I haven't gotten a shot this week because the insurance company is doing everything it can to delay paying for my prescriptions.

Chances are, next week, it will all be ironed out. . . but until then, I'm one kinked up mess of a monkey. I've been on this drug for so many years I'd forgotten what an arthritis flare up was like. I can't sleep, because I can't get comfortable. Arthritis exhausts you and you compound it with no sleep and pain you can't get rid of . . . it is one ugly pile of monkey. Add to it the frustration of knowing that you're in this shape because a group of asshats would rather line their pockets with a few more dollars than serve their paying customers.

So, I'm self medicating this weekend. Yup, hittin' the sauce. But, the upside is that my new annual New Year's Resolution is to "clean out" the liquor cabinet. So, this weekend, I'm finally getting around to that project. So far, we've finished off a bottle of vodka and the bottle of Jack Daniels the Old Woman passed on to me that she'd taken from her sister's house after her sister passed away 20 some odd years ago.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll pick up some limeade and tackle the tequila.

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