Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drunken Games

Yesterday, we headed to the lake house of friends. For, what our friends called the "2nd Annual Loaded Landshark by the Lake" bash.

Some of the friends who attend this gathering, this is the only time all year we get to catch up. Nothing like laughing on the pier, beers in hand, and being totally relaxed.

Our friends pull together a Texas style and sized meal. This year, we had the best smoked chicken we'd ever had. And the brisket, oh, the brisket. I made a chocolate pound cake, but added the spices that usually go into my aphrodisiac cookies.

Since it was too cold to take a dip in the lake (and sing show tunes) after dinner, we opted for the game Balderdash. The point of the game is to make up lies that are convincing enough to have your fellow players vote it the "right" answer to a series of prompts. I, apparently, rock at this game. Perhaps because of the many lies I've heard over my life.

What made the game even more challenging is that a) all of us were enjoying some level of inebriation and b) half the players had forgotten their "readers" and were either opting for attempting to read without actually seeing or sharing the readers of the other players at the table.

Too bad it'll be another year before we can have the 3rd Annual Loaded Landshark at the Lake.

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