Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Funny how humans like to fill in the story, even when there is little observation to base it on. We do love making up myths, filling in blanks, and rewriting reality.

My little circle is currently a buzz with the news of potentially criminal activity of a newbie. None of us know Newbie too well. Most of us have similar first impressions. And, there seems to be a very unsavory situation brewing that could be more than just jerk behavior but criminal. And, we all have our theories. Some folks think Newbie has another identity. Others think it's straight up true, that Newbie is the most hardened of criminals. I personally think someone else did it, and Newbie is taking the heat.

Of course, I watch too much crime tv. And, none of us really know. But, it does give us something to discuss over lunch and ciggies.

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