Friday, September 16, 2011


A hundred years ago, long before the days of the interwebs, about once a month (usually shortly after the first of the month) my office would receive a letter sent from some poor soul on the west coast. The letter was a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a letter that had been typed on a real typewriter. The writer was in distress because she believed that countless celebrities were harassing her, watching her every move, and spying on her daily actions through her television set. She pleaded, in her letter, for help in making this horror stop.

We never replied, of course. And, were sad and wondered what happened to her when the letters stopped coming.

Last night I had an experience that made me think of her again. We have a new fancy, interwebs linked, 3D capable television. I was watching just a few minutes of television as I unplugged my brain before bed. And, the tv suddenly popped a warning up that it was turning off the picture. It has a motion detector, and if it goes a specific length of time without detecting motion, it turns the picture off. THE TV IS SPYING ON ME!!!!

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