Sunday, September 04, 2011

Damn near perfect

I suspect that Labor Day may become a front-runner for favorite holiday.

Generally, we have no plans for Labor Day. So, it means a relaxing couple of days at home. The summer has ended, and as we look ahead to long stretches where work will take over our lives completely, we start to regret that we didn't spend more time goofing off over the summer. So, we end up spending the weekend being a couple.

Yesterday, we went out to lunch. We went shopping. We had ice cream.

Today, it's been lazy. Laundry has been done but at a slower pace. Tennis balls have been batted around.

But, tonight, we're going to do the thing we always say we're going to do someday but never get around to it. We're going to a local bar and we're going to saddle up to the bar, have appetizers and beers for our dinner.

I know . . . exciting life we're leading here. But, I firmly believe that those moments of being a couple make the frantic worth it.

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