Saturday, September 03, 2011

There's always more.

If I were to ever have my own cooking show, no doubt it would be called "There's More, There Always Is." This is the conversation that happens every single night as we sit down to dinner. My inability to cook small quantities of food is legendary. Generally, this little character trait means the SMLF benefits with homemade lunches.

Today, Phenom and I had a fun little day on the town. We use to do this regularly . . . before the days of the interwebs. It was fun to wander into shops, pick up and discard items, then spend money on something completely unnecessary. Of course, no day out for us is complete without a trip to a book store.

After I "stole" recipes by jotting a few down from books I had no intention of buying, I settled on purchasing a book of recipes specifically written for two people. The book is published by a culinary group I like and own several books from already. They have a good mix of fancy-smancy and simple technique.

True to my impatient form, I flipped through most of the book on the drive home. And, true to me, I was on my third recipe when I realized I was already thinking about doubling the recipes.

It's a sickness.

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