Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still glad I don't have kids

I don't know why I've noticed the first day of school more this year than in past years. Maybe because I have so many friends with children now. Or, maybe because they post everything about the first day of school on facebook.

I've seen many pictures of fresh scrubbed faces and new clothes posed in front of front doors . . . new back packs in hand.

I have one friend who announced herself to be the worst mother in the world. After spending the last two days fighting a migraine headache, this morning she over slept, threw the first clothes she could find on her child, shoved several random items into the lunch box, and had the humiliation of being the first parent to sign the "tardy book" at her child's school.

Another friend anxiously put his little boy on the bus for the first time ever.

Another is biting her nails in anticipation of a year of rows with her child's teacher because the "welcome to my class" letter was full of fairly obvious errors.

And another is facing three children at three different schools this year.

Makes me really glad that the cats are just lazy sacks and have rejected the notion of a formal education.

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