Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One of the weird little behavior quirks I have been witness to in the human women around here is that when they find themselves done wrong by their men, rather than be angry with the man, they hate on the woman her man did her wrong with.

Doesn't really make sense does it? I had a secretary, years ago, who had a quickie affair with a man she knew was married. His wife, naturally, found out. Rather than march him to a preacher for a bit of prayer or to a counselor for torture or an attorney for half everything he'll ever own . . . she came to our office to scream at the secretary. (The secretary, seeing her pull into our parking lot, high-tailed it out the back door and left me to deal with the poor dear. I had a very reasonable talk . . . agreeing that our secretary was a bit of a slut and demonstrated very poor morals. However, I pointed out that the secretary had no vows with her, the the husband did. The person who deserved her anger was the husband.)

Anyway, it seems to be a perfectly normal, human-like response to be mad at the symptom not the offender.

In light of this phenomena, let me warn you, State of Missouri, you better stay clear of me.

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