Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Be Awesome

I recently have had the pleasure of several phone conversations with my favorite 9 year old. She and her family have moved to a new community, and I suspect the phone calls are all part of getting her settled in. She is, as always, a delight to have any sort of conversation with . . . near or far.

Apparently, I seem to be lacking in the "awesome" department lately. I, personally, blame angry birds. The fact that she totally dominates me at angry birds is due to a lack of awesomeness on my part, not age.

So, to assist me in my angry birds, she has offered some handy tips on how to be awesome.

First, she tells me, you must believe that you are awesome. Really believe it. Live the awesome. Breathe the awesome.

Second, is having other people tell you that you are awesome. She recommended that I demand that Phenom tell me that I'm awesome on a regular basis.

Third, if people will not tell you that you are awesome, you should cook them into a stew with carrots and potatoes. Afterwards, you should write up the stew recipe and sell it. She points out that this is a real money making possibility because you can have many types of stew "Bongo Stew" "Phenom Stew" "daddy stew" etc.

Now, you have it . . . go forth, and be awesome. Or eat hearty.

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