Saturday, August 06, 2011

Perfect meals

I had a perfect meal yesterday.

I was visiting a good friend in a hip and cool city. Her suggestions are always really excellent. This place locally sources as much of their menu as possible. They had that casual/we take ourselves seriously vibe down. As you walked in, you got a glimpse of the dudes slinging your food.

I had a cold cucumber and peach soup. Very subtle and light. It was topped with lightly dressed greens, finely diced bits of red onion, peach, and cuke. It was a perfect starter. Then, I had the falafel plate. Perfect, crispy little meatballs of falafel . . . spanish almonds . . . salad. . . real couscous (not that instant in a box stuff) . . . and the best tahini I've ever had. Also, little touches like nice chunks of cucumber in the tatziki and a drizzle of olive oil on the black bean hummus and oil cured olives . . . not brined ones. I totally cleaned my plate and wished I didn't live in culinary hell.

But, I did also score a couple of bottles of Pimm's on my trip . . . so bonus!

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