Thursday, August 04, 2011

The unpleasant conversation

I'm pretty well known for being blunt. Sometimes too blunt. I really do try, most of the time, to temper what I say out loud with what people want to hear. I frequently fail (as in muttering "moron" loud enough for the cop to hear as I drive off) and sometimes wholly miss the mark. Now, when I'm affirming someone when I think I know the situation but in all likelihood am only hearing the version of it they want me to hear, I preface it with something like "I'm your friend and I feel like I should take your side, regardless of whether it's right or wrong.") Other times, I say the right thing but the eye roll gives me away.

Today, perhaps in practice for the drama that will unfold over the weekend, I had the unpleasant conversation with a friend. She is currently looking to trade her thankless, part time gig in for something meaningful and full time. I noticed that her main squeeze has a profile picture (which appears at the very top of her page) that most folks would find immature at best and disturbing in the middle and a declaration of war at worst. I prefaced it by saying that I knew it wasn't any of my business and she could choose to ignore me. But, I expressed concern that potential employers might take it as offensive and nix her for something she isn't really responsible for in the first place.

Happily, she was receptive to what I was saying and didn't get all defensive on me. I hope I can maintain this attitude/success streak for a couple more days.

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