Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fried blobs

It appears this week is going to be the week of fried blobs. First, falafel. Now, on the menu, meatballs.

A friend of ours, who recently returned from travels to the west coast, brought us some meatball sauce from a winery. It's rich, and tomatoey with a nice deep red wine flavor.

When I make meatballs, I use the Cooks Illustrated best recipe. But, I cheat on the flavor just a bit. . . I use sausage rather than straight up ground pork. I find that yankees tend to like a milder flavor palate than we southern folks. I also pan fry my meatballs rather than bake them. I like the crispy edge frying gives them.

Lunches this week will be fun . . . falafel on pitas and meatball subs. OOOH, I think I have some tabouli in the cabinet too. . . now to go knick some mint from a friend's garden. I love cucumbers with mint.

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