Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patience, grasshopper

The Old Woman always told me that I needed to develop patience. I think I have plenty of patience. I think I have a pretty good read on that which I can nudge along and what is outside my control. I may not always be happy with the way things split, but I think I've developed pretty good waiting skills.

I have yet another student intern who thinks only of the day she'll be married. What is it with these kids in such a hurry to grow up? Don't they understand that they should enjoy being young and free of responsibilities? Don't they know that being an adult means worries they can't even fathom now?

She's frustrated with her intended because she feels like he isn't contributing towards the future of their relationship equally with her. I can understand her frustrations. But she's only 20 years old. There will be plenty of time to argue about money/contributions later. I told her today that she needs to lay off the wedding talk . . . likely he sees it as pressure and that she needed to spend a few years enjoying being young and in love. They should be going to movies and attempting to cook meals together and going camping and to dances. They shouldn't be bickering about who paid more for the groceries this week . . . not yet.

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