Monday, July 18, 2011

Wait? I was suppose to be embarassed?


I was reading an article today about extreme couponing. Yes, the use of coupons has become its own verb.

I remember the Old Woman being rather pleased with herself, when I was a young monkey, for never paying more than $.09 for a tube of toothpaste. Whereas she would never rate with the folks being written up on the interwebs today, she had a pretty good knack for coupons back in the day. Of course, back then, the lesson I learned was "if you can save a few dollars on coupons, you essentially are getting the ice cream for free."

And, that's more or less how I view buying the less expensive option or using coupons . . . it totally justifies buying ice cream. (And, given that I'm not actually a big fan of ice cream, I do it all for the Phenom who would make BR chocolate chip his death row meal.)

So, I'm reading about how college kids are slashing their parents grocery bills by 75% as their house hold contribution when I read a comment about how the trend of extreme couponing and the economy has helped humans shed their embarrassment over using coupons.

Huh? This is why I'll never truly fit in as a human. It never occurred to me that I should be chagrined for wanting to save $.50 on tomatoes. sigh.

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