Thursday, July 21, 2011


All evening, I've been mentally writing an entry about a grad school friend of the Phenom's who has overcome alcoholism to put his life back together. I was going to comment that back in the day, some of Phenom's fondest memories involve this person and booze. Little did he know that what was fun and games for the Phenom was actually the budding of a serious problem for his friend. Then there would have been the oh so deep reflection on my own drinking adventures with friends and wondering if I'm enabling a good time, or a problem?

But, then I spent the last hour looking through children's books on amazon for a birthday gift for a young friend. He's going to be 7 next week and loves to read. Which is good, since I tend to favor giving books once children are of reading age. I got 5 books for this youngster. Some were books I loved when I was learning to read. Others are either purely silly, or retelling of classic tales.

Now I wish my young friend lived closer . . . so I could share reading these books with him. Sober, of course.

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