Friday, July 29, 2011


Today I was chatting with an artist friend of mine. He told me that his bathroom is haunted . . . that he constantly hears the sounds of "someone" using the facilities, although he's alone in the house.

So, I told him about the ghost I use to have. She was the ghost of a girl I'd worked with years before at a camp for blind humans. She and I shared communal living quarters. She and I would tease each other about the issue of lights. Being blind, she had no use for flipping on and off lights. Not being blind, I was totally dependent on lights. She'd not turn on the lights to our flat so I'd assume she was asleep. Then, she'd remember to turn on the lights but forget to turn them off and I'd assume she was awake.

Additionally, I'd tell her that some day, I'd take her to a large, empty, open parking lot and teach her to drive. It was our favorite plan.

Sadly, she died of cancer before we got the chance for driving lessons.

For about 6 months after her death, lights in my home would come on or turn off with no rhyme or reason. And, she'd flip the headlights on my car. Phenom thought I was just forgetting to turn them off. Until the day he made specific note that the lights were off and about 30 minutes later happened to go outside and find them back on.

It only lasted about 6 months before stopping for good. I was never bothered by her presence. Frankly, I kinda liked knowing that she'd want to hang out with me if she could be anywhere she wanted.

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