Saturday, June 25, 2011


After dragging myself home last night, I had a late night conversation with a long, lost friend. A nice boy who has grown up into a very nice man.

He is a single dad. He is a martial arts expert. And, right now, I'm in awe of him. He told me to check out one of his newer facebook photo albums. The album was of an event he'd pulled together and hosted recently. A martial arts clinic as a fund raiser. He was raising money for a family with a son with autism. They want to get their son into a new program, but need money to make that happen. He told me about how, after hearing about their needs, he pulled together a really impressive event in a very short time. And, he was thrilled with the giving spirit of the people who participated.

But, most impressive is that rather than being proud of himself . . . he was really proud to report the progress already experienced by his friend's son in the new program.

The conversation was wholly spontaneous . . . but the perfect ending to a very long day.

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