Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pot of Gold

Years ago, I use to try to entice the Phenom into running for president. My logic was that an early candidacy wouldn't be expensive and for the rest of your life, you would have to be introduced as "former presidential candidate" . . . The Phenom. Imagine the free cups of coffee and small town parades you'd be invited to grand marshall?

Then, more recently, a politically minded group of women asked me to join their efforts to get a woman on the presidential ballot. I figured my contributions to their efforts would lead, naturally, to a push for a non-human on the ballot. Of course, these women were liberally minded sorts and I'm pretty sure they disbanded once Sarah Palin arrived on the scene. Technically, they got what they wanted but totally in a "be careful what you ask for" sort of way.

I think I need to revive the push to getting either Phenom or myself to run for the highest office. It would be like winning the Lotto! Apparently, these days, you don't even really have to actually run . . . just scare people about you "mulling over" the possibility . . . and suddenly you have fame! notoriety! UNTOLD RICHES!!!

And, you don't have to damn your soul to hell with sinful gambling. Win-Win . . . right?

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