Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a trap

The Phenom is really good at responding to the "heavy stuff" in absolutely the perfect way. Today, the Phenom passed a much smaller test with flying colors.

The Phenom announced he was headed out to the drug store to pick up a few items. As is usual, I was asked if there were anything I required. I asked for a "little treat." Such a request is pretty unusual on my part . . . largely because I'm already spoiled rotten. Phenom said "a treat? what kind of treat?" I said that I just wanted a treat and it was up to him.

As he left the house, I realized I'd laid a trap for the poor human. I envisioned Phenom wandering up and down the drug store trying to decide what sort of treat I really wanted.

He came back with a handful of York Peppermint Paddies. Thing is . . . just the other day I was thinking I'd really like a frozen one. And, proving what a spectacular human the Phenom really is . . . he put them in the freezer for me.

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